the mission
by Carlton Reid

After covering hundreds of miles, lots of research and lots of cycling, Carlton discovered that in the 1930s the Ministry of Transport had set out to replicate the brilliant cycleways of the Netherlands.

The 2nd World War brought a halt to these developments, meaning that today there are miles of 1930s cycleways that have been forgotten and even lost. Carlton’s mission is to revive them for modern day use.

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Soreen Proudly Supports the Lost Cycle Ways Mission. Through the cycle hub and online petitions we want to raise awareness of this cause to make cycling more accessible to everyone.

The Lost Cycle Ways

Carlton has already found 90 protected cycleway schemes around Britain, but he believes there are even more out there! If you think you have seen one, we would love to know about it!


We are calling on the Department for Transport to support the rediscovery and potential renovation of nearly 500 miles of “lost” cycleways. And we need your signatures to help!