Free Family Fun Ideas for Summer

Posted on: 15th April 2015


With summer on the way and hopefully plenty of sunshine too, we thought we’d help you out here at Soreen by coming up with a few suggestions of how yourself and your family can make the very most of all that free time. So when you’re faced with a chorus of “What are we going to do today Mum?!”…you’ll at least have one or two answers ready for them.

Go on a nature walk

OK we know this is a fairly obvious one, but make yours a more fascinating, interactive ramble by theming it. It could for instance be all about looking for different birds, or maybe tracking down various plants, leaves and flowers. Decide on your theme first then hand out pads and pencils for drawing what they see, plus checklists for ticking off ‘finds’ and also some plastic containers for bringing home samples. The more you can do to bring your nature walk to life, the better.

Help a Neighbour

Helping out an elderly neighbour in some small way can have great results for kids. Not simply in terms of respect and care for others, but the feeling of satisfaction we all get from doing something worthwhile. Make sure to let your child take charge and explain things to the neighbour, whether it be tidying their garden, going to the shop or perhaps baking them a cake. Obviously some involvement on your part will probably be necessary…but it’s all for a good cause.

Really explore your local town

Do a little research first, in the local library and on the internet, then take your children on a ‘discovery tour’ of their local surroundings. Point out landmarks, older buildings, cobbled streets, Victorian churches, pubs with funny names, shops that used to be cinemas – in fact anything and everything of interest. Your town doesn’t need to have a rich historical background for it to become a much more fascinating place for your children.

Go fly a kite

This is one traditional pastime that deserves to make a comeback. All you need is a kite, a patch of open countryside, or preferably a hill, and of course enough of a breeze to give you lift off. It doesn’t have to be blowing a gale, because once yourself and your kids get the kite airborne, even a light wind will take it nice and high. Start with an inexpensive, basic kite until you all get the hang of it, then maybe progress to loops, swirls and tricks with something a little fancier.

Have a game of Rounders

Grab any kind of bat and small ball, round up as many of your children’s friends as you can reasonably cope with and head to the local park, playing field or spot of open countryside for a good old-fashioned game of Rounders. Set out jumpers and bags for the bases and off you go. All that shouting and running around is a great, healthy way of letting off steam.
Well there are a few fun ways to get you out and about with the family, and if you happen to be taking a pack lunch along with you, don’t forget to add plenty of fruity goodness in the shape of some squidgy Soreen snacks.
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