In the Community

At Soreen we’re committed to giving back to the community. We support numerous charitable causes from big to small. These range from well-known charity organisations such as Christies, to small one-off fundraising events including sponsored runs, school raffles and even coffee mornings. Some of our most notable charity efforts include:

Hits Radio - Mission Christmas

We believe that every child should experience the unrivalled excitement of opening a toy on Christmas Day and with your help this can be made possible for more children this Christmas! We have partnered with ‘Hits Radio – Mission Christmas’ and will be fuelling the hundreds of volunteers who make it possible for deprived children to wake up to a present on Christmas Day.

Barton Athletic

Reaching out to youth in Salford to help them realise the confidence-building potential of individual sport. We have equipped the gym with new sports equipment to ensure that their work in the community can continue for years to come.

Cardiac Risk in the Young

We take part in our biannual charity challenge, ‘The Samworth Challenge’ to raise money for this great cause. Having lost a team member from an undiagnosed heart condition, this is something close to all of us.

Brownlee Foundation

We’ve supported the Brownlee Foundation since 2013. Providing our Lunchbox Loaves and Malt Loaf Bars for the young triathletes gives us great pride!


We enjoy supplying The Christie with our products to help keep energy levels up during their charity sporting events.

Our adventures

As you probably know, we’re a brand that likes to get out and about, and It just so happens that our fans do too! We’re the perfect partner for life’s little adventures and our products have popped up in all sorts of unusual places over the years. We’ve been eaten at the top of some of the world’s highest peaks, on the rough seas and even been used for wedding cakes before now! Are you a Soreen fan? If so, why not share your latest adventures with us @SoreenHQ – We’d love to add them to our collection!