Lunchbox Loaves

Delicious & Nutritious Fuel for Back to School

Want to know what makes our Lunchbox Loaves perfect for your little one’s lunchbox? They’re school compliant, contain under 100 calories, 50% less sugar than the average cake bar and come in four deliciously squidgy flavours: banana, strawberry, apple and malt. Not only that, they provide a source of fibre and are individually wrapped making them perfect for packed lunches – it’s no mystery why we called them Lunchbox Loaves!

Apple Lunchbox Loaves

Packed with deliciously squidgy energy, our Apple flavour Lunchbox Loaves contain 55% less sugar than the average cake bar, making them a healthier choice for your little one’s lunchbox!

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Strawberry Lunchbox Loaves

Strawberry flavour Lunchbox Loaves not only taste delicious, they also contain 82% less fat than the average cake bar making them the perfect swap for a healthier lunchbox!

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Malt Lunchbox Loaves

Our Original Malt flavour Lunchbox Loaves are packed with juicy raisins and the delicious taste of malt! Perfect for ensuring your little one gets the most out of the school day!

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Banana Lunchbox Loaves

With 49% less fat and 51% less sugar than the average cake bar, our Banana flavour lunchbox loaves are the perfect healthy yet tasty alternative for your kids lunchbox!

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