Get Healthy, Get H-Appy

Posted on: 16th January 2017

Looking to shed some pounds this New Year? You’re not alone. We know you’ve probably over-indulged during the holidays, but there is a whole section of the App Store dedicated to righting your wrongs. We’ve rounded up the best health apps to help you digitalise your workouts and see what all the fuss is about.


The Classic – Couch to 5K, iOS, Android, Free

NHS-approved app Couch to 5K has truly brought running to the masses. If you want to get moving but the weight section intimidates you and you know you won’t be one for Zumba, this easy-to-use app gives you three workouts a week that’ll get you race-ready in just two months. And if you need any more encouragement, there are a gazillion forums dedicated to it online, full of people who are hoping to catch the running bug, too.


The Bootcamp – Freeletics, iOS, Android, Free with Subscription Option

With over 900 workout combinations, Freeletics is the personal trainer you’ll love to hate. The free version will give you some limited workouts, but if you’re really serious about your January detox, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription. The best thing is, when done properly, Freeletics negates the need for a gym or even proper gym clothes – you can get an effective, exhausting high-intensity interval training session from the comfort of your own home.


The Brain-trainer – Headspace, iOS, Android, Free with Subscription Option

There’s a reason that over 6 million people have downloaded Headspace. Mindfulness is no longer the sole domain of Tibetan monks and your weird new-age aunt; it’s cool, accessible and is transforming thousands of lives for the better. Research has shown that just 4 days of consecutive meditation can improve working memory and the way we process information, and in time, the benefits of meditation extend to better sleep, decreased levels of stress, less anxiety and a greater ability to dwell in the present.


The New Best Friend – My Fitness Pal, iOS, Android, Free with In-App Purchases

With all the diets out there, it can be hard to know whether to go Paleo, vegan or protein-crazy, but even in 2017 there’s still a lot to be said for good old-fashioned calorie counting. Banish the weighing scales and calculator though – modern-day calorie counting is simpler, faster and more effective than ever. Simply scan the barcode of the food you eat (Soreen Malt Loaf bar, maybe?), or search My Fitness Pal’s enormous database, and you’ll soon build up an idea of how you really eat. When you subscribe, you’ll get an even more detailed look into your daily diet, including your macros, so there’s finally no excuse not to shed those pounds.


The Wildcard – Zombies, Run!, iOS, Android, Free with In-App Purchases

This one’s for anyone who likes their exercise with a slice of weirdness on the side. Zombies, Run! Combines your typical running app with a gamified twist – every step you take is a step away from zombies, and a step towards completing your mission. Expect to be seduced by some in-app purchases (this is a game), but also expect to forget that you’re supposed to be exercising at all, and instead get completely immersed in an adrenaline-fuelled sprint, sweat and all.