How to Win at Halloween this Year

Posted on: 28th October 2016

We know how it is this time of year. Billy’s mum used her make-up bag to transform him into a robot. Jess’ dad made her a Rubik’s cube costume out of sandpaper, and yet you can barely turn up a trouser leg. Don’t fret though, you don’t have to jump through domestic hoops to survive Halloween – there is another way. Here’s our top four costume ideas that don’t require an ounce of skill. You’re welcome.

Okay, even we know how to make a ‘ghost’ outfit. All you need is an old white bedsheet, two strategically placed ‘eyes’, and if you’re really fancy, maybe a chord to keep it all in place. In fact, the only skill required here is persuading your little one that this outfit choice hasn’t already been done to death (excuse the pun).


Anything Dead
Anything can become a Halloween costume if you attach the word ‘dead’ to it. Fact. Dead celebrity? Check. Dead cowboy? Check. Dead doctor? Errr, maybe. To nail this option, just tell your kids to wear whatever they fancy, and invest in a bucket load of washable fake blood.


Literally. Tell your kids that if they want to go as Tutankhamun this year, then they’ll have to make the outfit themselves. Hopefully your friends will think that it’s adorable (and not tragic) that your kids have done their own face paint and used ketchup for blood.

And Remember…

Ultimately it’s not the costume that’ll make you parent-of-the-year, it’s the treats that you give away. If you want the brownie points with none of the usual effort involved, just be sure to stock up on Scream Lunchbox Loaves. Kids will love these bite-sized yummy treats, and parents will love the fact that they’re not loaded with sugar.