Warm up your winter with Soreen!

Posted on: 18th December 2015

Whether you griddle it, bake it, microwave it, or toast it, there are all sorts of squidgelicious possibilities when it comes to heating up Soreen malt and fruit loaves. Here are just a few mouth-watering ideas that we’re sure you’ll warm to.

Our Festive Loaf just got even yummier

Simply bursting with winter spices, raisins, currants, cherries and a hint of citrus, our Festive Loaf is a fantastic feast straight from the pack. But heat it up a little to make it even more moist and squidgy and it’s a perfect pudding too. Try it with custard or cream and you’ll soon see what we mean. Or, for a really Christmassy combination, think about teaming it with fresh cranberries or brandy butter. Festive Loaf is available at Sainsburys + Morrisons now.

Festive Loaf Custard Final re

Raise a toast to our Breakfast Loaf

The same unique malty taste of Original Soreen, but specially designed for toasting how good an idea is that?  Try our Breakfast Loaf with a little butter or your favourite jam, then think about what else you might spread on it. If you’ve got a unique topping idea, why not share it with us on Facebook or Twitter?

Some like it hot – delicious Soreen deserts

From making an Apple Pie even more appetising, to creating an extra fruity bread and butter pudding, baked Soreen works wonders with some of your favourite desserts to make them yummier still. There’s also Soreen Steamed Pudding and Soreen Baked Crème Pots, which are two more delicious recipes unique to Soreen. Find the full recipes here.

Soreen & Hot Chocolate

A slice or two of Soreen Original Malt Loaf with your favourite spread, alongside a large mug of steaming hot chocolate. OK, this isn’t technically ‘warm’ Soreen, but it’s still a great winter combination for keeping out the cold.

Hot chocolate with mini marshmallow and cinnamon