Twitter followers get blogging for SoreenHQ

Posted on: 15th November 2010

After SoreenHQ recently invited Soreen fans to get involved with the Soreen blog, we were inundated with requests to feature on the site.

The first lucky winner of some Soreen goodies was bev_metallica, who got in touch to tell us about her memories of the Squidgy stuff.

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I’m bev_metallica on Twitter.

So blogs weren’t around when I was a little girl in the mid ‘70’s or I would likely have complained about this years ago. I was always bemused and disappointed when both my mum and grandma treated Soreen malt loaf as though it were the greatest treasure on earth. They guarded it with their lives. One delicious slab of fruity goodness would last the whole family a week – one paper-thin slice was all you were allowed. I argued my case as eloquently as a five year old could – kicking, screaming, sulking, but to no avail; one slice and that was it.

As I got older, I began to rationalise my argument more clearly. One single slice dried up in the school lunchbox – two slices would sandwich them together neatly. The parental answer to this solution was to wrap the slice in clingfilm, eliciting the argument that the butter came off on the clingfilm. The reply from the Keeper of the Soreen Goodness was that it was easy enough to scrape it back off again and, snookered, I had to admit there was a point to that.

I always swore that when I was an adult, I would buy and eat a whole malt loaf to myself, and, when I was 17, I was trusted to stay in the house alone whilst the Guardians of the deliciousness went on holiday. I decided that my Saturday morning breakfast would consist of nothing but an entire slab of the delicious Soreen goodness. I would cut thick slices – slices that you could really get your teeth into – lather them with butter and savour the entire experience. I would make up for all the times I had been so cruelly deprived as a child. Of course, I could not accomplish my task, but I had a fruitful and delicious time trying!

What was it about the 1970’s Soreen malt loaf that made parents keep it to themselves? I thought it was just me, but my husband reports much the same experience with his elders and betters. We have spent many a happy hour sitting and enjoying our favourite treat, musing over the inhumane and cruel treatment dished out to us and many an unhappy hour arguing over whether there was an advert for our favourite snack featuring the name Doreen. Now, with the introduction of the new banana loaf, we have many happy hours ahead trying to decide which is best!