Tweet Tweet…SoreenHQ finds love!

Posted on: 24th June 2010

Over the past few months SoreenHQ has been rapidly gaining followers from our lovely fans on Twitter and to prove it we have had various pictures sent to us showing the love for the fruity stuff!

Some of our followers like Misterphipps, xjohnnyhx, leahderby, KaveyF and allyaec were lucky enough to receive a selection of goodies, including products, t-shirts and chalk mugs. While other fans such as Only Dads’s daughter Anya, and fellow Soreen officiando Felix Oliver Williams were just happy to pose for the camera while enjoying some fruity malt loaf!

If you’d like to send us a picture then email us at or why not follow the latest action from SoreenHQ on our official Twitter page

Misterphipps shows us the Soreen bounty…

Leahderby takes a relaxing lie down in a Soreen t-shirt

Onlydad’s daughter Anya, celebrates her birthday in style with a double whammy of Soreen
Fancy a brew? KaveyF brews up with a slice of Soreen and a lovely Soreen mug!
xjohnnyhx takes a bite of the squidgy stuff and shows off his Soreen tshirt at the same time!
Allyaec starts her birthday in style with a slice of Soreen and penut butter…yummy!
Felix Oliver Williams gets stuck into a full loaf of the fruity stuff!