Try a tasty treat with Soreen Stars and Hearts recipe

Posted on: 8th February 2010

Looking for a quick fix dessert or a tasty Soreen treat? Then why not try this recipe, which is an easy option for all the family to try!

Soreen Stars and Hearts with Dips
1 x Soreen Sliced Malt Loaf, toasted under the grill and then cut into stars and hearts with pastry cutters.
6foz natural yoghurt,
1 tblsp honey,
Fruit of your choice. As a suggestion, we recommend this recipe with banana, apple, cinnamon, or strawberry (the choice is endless!)
Blend together yoghurt ingredients. Add honey to taste. Dust the Soreen Stars and Hearts with with icing sugar and hey presto a delicious dessert ready to eat.
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