Top 5 kids party games ideas

Posted on: 15th May 2014

When it’s ‘Party On’ the pressure’s on to think of some fun things for kids to do.‘Retro’ is in for everything these days, and that includes party games. So with the help of Soreen, it’s time to revisit some party game classics…


Pass the Parcel

Always a favourite, and with good reason! Just in case you’ve forgotten; before the party you wrap a small prize in at least as many layers of paper as there are children. Then, all the kids sit in a circle and you play some music as they pass the parcel from one to the other. When the music stops, the child holding the parcel unwraps a layer and so it goes on until the last layer comes off and the prize is revealed. Most of today’s kids probably won’t have played this before, so once they get over the fact that computer consoles aren’t involved they’ll love it. Plus, you can play up the ‘retro’ theme with retro prize, such as like a bag of humbugs, a yoyo, a metal puzzle, or some bubbles.
Musical Chairs

Simply set up two rows of chairs or stools back to back and start with every child sitting on a chair. Then, as the music plays the kids walk around the chairs, whilst you sneakily remove one of the chairs. When the music stops, all the kids rush to sit down, but the slowest one loses their chair and is out of the game. And so on, removing a chair and losing a child every time, until it’s just two kids and one chair…and may the best child win.


Balloon Sandwich Race

If you haven’t got a large room with lots of space, then it’s out into the garden for this one. Begin by pairing up the kids and standing them back to back on a starting line. About six pairs is probably the limit for one race. Next, place a large balloon between the backs of each pair of kids.

Then, when the race starts the pairs must shuffle their way towards the finish line sideways without popping or dropping the balloon. If they do, it’s back to the start for a replacement balloon. The first ‘balloon sandwich’ to cross the finish line with an intact balloon is the winner.


Pin the Tail on the Donkey

A simple but fun game for younger children. For starters you’ll need a large colour picture of a donkey without a tail, and some cut out tails to pin on it. You can buy ready prepared kits for this game at shops that sell party items, or you could always draw and colour your own donkey and tails. After that, you’ll need a blindfold and some pins or blu tack to attach the tails to the donkey. Each child is then blindfolded and takes it in turns to pin the tail as close to where it should be as possible. The winner is the closest tail. Alternative themes include pin the jewel on the tiara for a girlie party or pin the patch on the pirate for the boys (Ooh-Arrr)


Apple Bobbing

Not so much a game as an invitation to splash about in water and get sopping wet, so it’s sure to liven up any kids’ party. To prepare, fill a large tub or plastic container with water and float in enough big red apples for every child at the party. Then, each child has to try and retrieve a floating apple with their teeth, with their hands tied loosely behind their back with a scarf or teatowel. The children can bob for the apples individually or all at the same time and the player to get their apple first or quickest is the winner.


Well, there are five kids’ party games ideas courtesy of Soreen. All very simple and inexpensive and all classic ways of having fun without an Xbox or PlayStation in sight. All you need now is to throw a couple of the loveable Soreen Original Malt and Banana lunchbox loaves into a party bag and you’re away. Party on!