Top 5 Halloween movies for kids

Posted on: 20th October 2014

We absolutely love Halloween here at Soreen. It’s the kooky, spooky time of year that brings out the monster in everyone and we can’t wait to pull on our witches’ hats, pop in those fake fangs and take the kids trick or treating.

To really make the most of Halloween though, your family needs to start getting in the mood for it a few days before the big night itself and there’s no better way to do that, than by all watching some scary movies together.

Before we run through our list of scary movies for kids, a few tips on setting the scene. Dim the lights apart from glowing pumpkin lanterns and squash together so you can grab hold of each other at those hair-raising moments.

And because you’ll need something suitable to snack on whilst you’re viewing, we recommend our frighteningly good Scream lunchbox loaves. Specially themed for Halloween, each Scream pack contains 5 individually wrapped loaves of deliciously squidgy Soreen. They come in wicked chocolate and spooktacular toffee apple flavours and they’re both sure to keep your little monsters munching away happily throughout your Halloween movies.

The thing is though, with so many downright frightening films out there it’s not that easy choosing suitable ones for young children, so at Soreen we’ve hand picked a few of our favorites that we think will do the trick. They’re all slightly scary in a fun way, but not enough to give them nightmares.

And now without further ado, here are our top Halloween films for kids…..

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow

This is not the Jonny Depp fright fest of recent years, but an animated Disney classic from 1949. It’s fairly short, but packed with colourful characters and good old-fashioned storytelling. This tall tale is all about a headless horseman, so it’s got some nice and scary moments. (Ideal for ages 6 and up.)

Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

How’s that for a ‘does what it says on the tin’ movie title? It’s all about Poo, Roo and Lumpy going trick or treating, so it’s perfect for pre-schoolers but still with a Halloween theme. (Ideal for ages 3 and up.)

Corpse Bride

A scarily exciting, stop-motion tale from the vivid imagination of Tim Burton. Follows the adventures of a young man who is whisked away to the underworld and wed to the Corpse Bride of the title. This is thrilling fun, but with plenty of spooky bits. (Ideal for ages 10 and up.)


This retro 80’s fantasy about a young girl whose baby brother is whisked away by goblins could well bring back the memories for Mum and Dad, so there’s something here for everyone. Includes fantastical Jim Henson puppets, a magical storyline and a starring role for David Bowie as the King of the Goblins, complete with a scary 1980’s hairdo. (Ideal for ages 9 and up.)

Hocus Pocus

The classic early 90’s horror comedy with strong parent appeal, making it the perfect family friendly film. Famously features three witches singing ‘I put a spell on you’ at a Halloween party on Halloween night, so it doesn’t get more topical than that. (Ideal for ages 11 and up.)

So there are 5 Halloween movies for kids that are sure to get all the family in the right spirit. Literally!

From everyone here at Soreen we hope you all have a spectacularly spooky time. And don’t forget to have some of our deliciously squidgy Scream bars on hand for those trick or treaters!