The Guinness World Record…We Absolutely Smashed It!!

Posted on: 6th October 2010

We did it!! After 24 gruelling hours on watt bikes, we have gone and broken a Guinness World Record and raised over £10,000 for The Christie. The event was a fantastic success, with hundreds of people coming along to support us (well we hope it was to support us and not just to eat loads of free Soreen!) and we really are buzzing in the office now that we can say we have broken a world record.

Everyone that took part has done their bit not only for the record but also for The Christie, who were overwhelmed by the support for the event. They had a presence at the event all weekend and one of the representatives even came back on Saturday just to jump on one of our bikes and do her bit for the Soreen Totaliser (pictured far right)!

We had former Olympic athlete Iwan Thomas (pictured middle, left) along for a few hours at the start of the event. He absolutely loved the event, jumping on a bike for an hour and even singing to Gemma Caswell, who was celebrating her birthday by getting all sweaty raising money for The Christie (thanks for putting the birthday plans on hold for us by the way Gemma!).
We managed to generate enough energy to break the record several times over and, with the amount of electricity we generated, we could have powered the entire Empire State Building (only for one minute but it’s a BIG building!).

We must say a massive thank you to everyone involved, you guys were great! The guys doing 24 hours were fantastic (Carl pictured left) and we even had one cyclist who turned up to do half and hour then decided to push himself and so another 20 hours!! Unbelievable commitment! We had some very young people cycling away which was great to see and the mini-watt bikes that we had for the kids unable to take part in the main record were always being used. It was great to see everyone getting into the spirit of the event and really enjoying themselves. The venue staff were fantastic so thanks to all at The Velodrome and who knows… maybe Soreen could become record breakers again; just need a new record to smash. Any ideas?!...

Pictures from the event can be found at our official Facebook Page (!/soreenhq). If you have any pictures that you want to share from the event, e-mail them to and we will get them put up on our page!