The French Alps Get A Soreen Invasion!

Posted on: 28th July 2010

The Twisted Wheels crew recently travelled over to Morzine, France to spread the word of the Soreen gospel (as well as doing a 90km bike downhill in the French Alps!) and, if their pictures are anything to go by, it looks like they had a great time. Powered throughout the trip by Soreen, the guys all finished the course and sent us some great pictures of their big adventure!

Safety first. The guys make sure they protect their Soreen before heading down the hills!

Sitting down for tea and Soreen is the only food on the menu for these guys!

Slightly unusual place to store your Soreen...but whatever works for you is fine by us!

The guys have the barstaff in on the Soreen-fest when they find out she is from the UK. Here she is donning the Soreen t-shirt; she was over the moon to see Soreen again!!

Serving pints of Soreen? What do you product idea in the making?!

Not overly sure about the pose... but that t-shirt is absolutely fantastic!!

The bar is awash with Soreen yellow!! The guys well and truly took over the place! Go Team Soreen!

This grinning biker has spotted the Soreen. You would have to bet that this delicious loaf will have gone less than five seconds after this photo was taken!

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