Street dancing school kids and a dancing dinner lady…

Posted on: 26th March 2010

With all the excitement around Soreen's brand new advertising campaign, we wanted to show you some exclusive behind the scenes snapshots of the making of the commercial.
The campaign, aptly named ‘Chew It. Then Do It’ highlights the benefits of eating Soreen as part of a healthy lifestyle, as the chewy loaf provides a slow release energy which is perfect for active kids.
Filmed on a (partly) sunny Saturday in Manchester, the SoreenHQ team set off bright and early for a day of funfilled entertainment, including several street dancing school kids, one break-dancing dinner lady and several boxes of malt loaf to feed a crew of plenty. 

Strike a Pose! From left: Owen, Libby, Olivia, Megan, Ellis, Miguel, Lois, Charlotte and Brogan get ready to Chew it. Then Do it.

The day started well, with all the kids looking fantastic in their purple blazers and stripy yellow ties, all set to move to the 'Chew it. Then do it' dance routine, as choreographed by Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Miguel Dorofo of MD Productions.    

Keeping a watchful eye on the day, parents, cast and crew observed Miguel guiding the talented Soreen kids and dancing dinner lady through a carefully choreographed routine.  
Not only were the kids great, the surprise apperance has to go to the Soreen dancing dinner lady, who showed us her best moves on the day. To watch the latest TV ad for yourself, visit the Soreen channel on our website at and tell us what you think and if you reckon you can do better then why not send us some pictures at or upload your videos on the SoreenHQ You Tube channel