Spring clean your life

Posted on: 24th March 2016

So you might not fancy tackling the whole house, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still space for a spot of decluttering in our lives. After all, whilst the spiders are retreating for spring and summer, it’s always nice to clear some cobwebs of your own. Cleaning has been proven to reduce stress, ease anxiety, and turn your mood around, so here are five ways to have an alternative Spring clean.

Have a Digital Detox

Remember when mobile phones held 10 saved texts and were primarily used for making calls? Us neither. Our phones are everything to us now; we use them to play games, check our bank balance, and even browse potential new partners. However, there is such a thing as app-overkill, and if you find that you can’t even nap without first turning on your sleep monitor, it might be time to reassess.


Cap your Closet

The words ‘capsule wardrobe’ are thrown about on a near-daily basis, but it’s hard to know where to start. You might not have worn those tribal-print trousers since your gap year in 2001, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t come in handy again, right? A great way to start de-cluttering is by asking yourself the following three questions. Do I love it? Do I wear it at least once a month? Is it of great sentimental value to me? If the item isn’t ticking at least one of those boxes, then it’s time to make space for something that does.

Purge your Postbox

No, we don’t mean whisking out the contents and setting them on fire, no matter how tempting that may be. If you’re inundated with take-away leaflets, letters to ex-ex tenants and reminders from a doctor you no longer visit, then a postbox purge might be just what you need. A quick visit to your bank’s website should give you the opportunity to ‘go green’ and have your statements emailed to you, and a hastily scribbled ‘No Longer Lives Here’ followed by a returned to sender should take care of those annoying letters.

Face up to Facebook

Everyone’s on Facebook now, but do you really need to hear about the TV habits that someone you haven’t seen since primary school insists on posting about? Facebook is where you share everything from your family photos to what you’re currently listening to, so it’s important to ensure it’s fairly private. Keep anyone that you have fond memories with, or who for reasons of geography, you physically can’t see anymore, but some others….have to go.

Vintage Kitchen Hutch with baking ingredients

Free your Cupboard Space

Some take pride in a full-larder, but if your name isn’t Jamie Oliver, and if your go-to dinner is shop-bought pizza, then it could be time to throw out the vanilla bean that you couldn’t find a use for. Once you’ve cleaned out your cupboard, reward yourself by stocking it full of food you’ll actually eat. We recommend starting with an Original Lunchbox  Loaf.