Soreen White Choc Squares

Posted on: 10th September 2012

We recently came across this scrumptious blog @ we thought it a perfect thing to do with the kids.

It’s not chocolate cake but it’s really nice and really chewy

I love Soreen malt loaf. Lovely squishy, chewy, sticky stuff. I eat it toasted, I eat it with jam, I eat it straight out the pack (they even have little individual bars now for just that purpose).

It’s fairly low fat, but something like 65% carbohydrate, which is probably why hikers carry it as source of long-lasting energy.
As I tend to sit at my desk munching through whatever is to hand, I thought I’d try for a healthier option combining two of my greatest loves: Soreen and white chocolate.

JD and I had a lot of fun making these Soreen white choc squares – they’re not unlike toffees…except nicer.

Half a loaf of Soreen
100g white chocolate
Cocktail sticks
Sheet of greaseproof paper

1.Using a good sharp serrated knife, cut the half-loaf of Soreen into 10-12 roughly even chunks (they won’t be perfect cubes – it’s squishes when you cut it!)
2.Stick a cocktail stick in each chunk
3.Melt the white chocolate in a bowl
4.Dip each chunk in the chocolate, twist until covered and then place on the greaseproof paper to set
5.When set, pull out the cocktail sticks and eat

Simple, fun and has lasted me all week. Will you try it?