Soreen Sizzlers – our top 10 of the UK’s best bonfires

Posted on: 31st October 2013

Remember, remember, the 5th of November. Well, if you ask most kids today the main reason they remember Bonfire Night, poor old Guy Fawkes probably won’t be top of the list. We’re betting that fireworks and bonfires will be the most popular answers. And rightly so, because they can both be loads of fun and very exciting.
No celebration of November 5th would be complete without a good bonfire, so to make finding one easier, Soreen have put together a list of brilliant bonfires and fantastic fireworks displays across theUK. Check them out and then find out how to make the night an extra tasty one with the help of Soreen.
In no particular order, here are Soreen’s top ten bonfires and displays:
This is a very popular event, so we suggest you get there early to avoid the queues. There’s a funfair, fireworks and a bonfire, plus a range of stalls offering gifts from around the world. It’s sure to be a roaring success.
York was the birthplace of Guy Fawkes himself, so this is a chance to experience Bonfire Night where it all began. The event is called ‘Kaboom’ and with good reason, because it promises an awesome pyrotechnic display.
This is a completely free fireworks display so it’s sure to attract thousands of spectators. Well we all like something for nothing don’t we. There’s also a funfair and fire dancers to add to the all round family entertainment.
This is a fireworks display with a difference, because it uses ‘noiseless’ fireworks.  Instead you see a sky filled with excitement and colour, but without the bangs and whooshes. Ideal for the little ones.
This is bonfire night in style with a stately home setting. But don’t let the posh surroundings fool you, this still promises to be a real whizz bang of an evening, with fireworks, a fairground and a bonfire by the lake.
A fun-packed parade and fireworks celebration complete with drums, flaming torches and folk in historic costumes to add to the atmosphere. Finishes with a bonfire on a hill and a great view of the fireworks.
A sensational fireworks display at the gateway toHadrian’s Wall, which all adds up to a truly historic event that will light up the sky and thrill all the family. Wrap up warm and make the most of the unique atmosphere.
A spectacular combination featuring music, lighting, fireworks and a bonfire all rolled into one great night out for all the family. Set against a dramatic backdrop ofPlymouth’s most historic sites.
This one is a few days before the 5thand is a huge scale bonfire night party with a family friendly vibe. There’s no actual bonfire, but you can expect a stunning fireworks display from the 2013 British Firework Champions.
Better late then never, this dazzling extravaganza happens a few days after bonfire night. Sounds like a great family event too, featuring a striking fireworks display high above the turrets of the castle.
Well there they are, Soreen’s hot 10 of the best bonfires and fireworks displays. And don’t worry if there’s not one near you, there’ll be plenty more local bonfires to visit. Or maybe you’ll have your own.
And wherever you spend bonfire night you’ll need to include ensure you’re stocked up on ‘fireworks food’ for all the family.
Along with the traditional snacks like Parkin, Toffee Apples and Black Peas (if you’re fromLancashire), serving up Soreen will always be a surefire success. Our Original fruity malt loaf is theUK’s favourite, so slice it up hand it round and make everyone’s night extra special. It tastes even better on a cold evening too. 
For the kids, Soreen’s Lunchbox Loaves and Fruity Five Snack Packs are ideal as bite sized bonfire night treats. Our Chocolate Loaf also goes down great with children, so have one handy as a nice change from the Treacle Toffee.
So altogether now….”oooooh”…….”aaahhhhh”…….”wheeeeee”……have a great bonfire night with the help of Soreen. Oh and one last thing. Whilst you’re remembering the 5thof November, don’t forget to follow the fireworks code and stay safe!