Soreen serve up Top 10 Cool Pumpkin Designs for Halloween

Posted on: 23rd October 2013


Halloween is just around the corner and you know what that means don’t you?
Ghastly ghouls, spooky spectres and all sorts of freaky and frightful fun for all the family. It also means that out come the pumpkins in a big way.
But this year, instead of just two eyes, a nose and a mouth, why not make your pumpkin a monster success by making it lot more exciting or scarier all round.
To help you do just that, Soreen have lined up ten of the most inventive, creative
and rather cool pumpkin designs that you can use for inspiration.
But remember kids to always ask for adult supervision when carving a pumpkin.

Flower power, pumpkin style. It looks amazing, and you’ll get loads of people thinking you’re some kind of artist with this tricksy design. Not very scary we admit, but certainly eye-catching.



Lots of people are scared of spiders so what better design to frighten family and friends than a pumpkin Spider-Man!  Simple, but spooky.



The classic haunted house in the deep, dark woods. An eerie and frightening pumpkin that should scare trick or treaters silly!
Whether you smile or scream, you have to admit cool pumpkin designs don’t get much cooler or more outrageous than this cheeky tongue-wagger!

A cute, charming and attractive carousel-themed pumpkin. Perfect for the little ones, so they can join in the fun without getting too frightened.
A little different and very scary, this Jack Skellington-themed pumpkin design is horribly effective.  Pale and freaky, you can spook everyone by having this around the house!

Make sure your pumpkin keeps an eye on everyone with this really freaky design. You have to love the attention to detail….just look at those amazing eyelashes!

Breathing fire and scaring people silly, this dragon pumpkin has its claws out ready to spook everyone!

Watch out! This alien pumpkin has nasty claws and an angry scowl! (Obviously it didn’t get a slice of Soreen for breakfast.)

Let’s face it, this is fantastically freaky. A brilliantly scary monster that’s bursting to get out of its pumpkin prison!
So there you go Mums and Dads. Ten ways to give your kids real pumpkin power this Halloween.
A great tip for trick or treating time, is to tone down the sugar rush of all those sweets you hand out by adding some tasty Soreen delights to your ‘little monsters mix’. Our Lunchbox Loaves or Fruity Five Snack Packs are handy, bite sized alternatives that are sure to go down great with the kids.
Another fright night favourite will be our  Chocolate Loaf which is so moreish you could well have those trick or treaters paying a repeat visit. Try serving it with ice cream as a special Halloween treat for the little ones who aren’t quite old enough to go out on the scare trail.
Now all that’s left is to wish you a Happy Halloween from everyone at Soreen!