Soreen Saves The Day

Posted on: 17th July 2012

Here at Soreen we occasionally get cheerful little letters of thanks and appreciation from our squidgy hearted fans, these often come in the format of interesting short stories explaining how Soreen has made its way into peoples busy lives.
Below is a letter that Lisa recently sent in to us explaining how Soreen had saved the day during her Endurance Mountain Bike Ride back in May. Thanks Lisa...

Back in May I entered a 6 hour mountain bike race. The idea is that you just keep going for as many laps as you can within the 6 hour time limit.
After 3 laps without stopping and felt great but decided to stop for food before the 4th lap. I ate half an Energy Bar and headed back out. The fourth lap was, quite simply, 'hell on earth'. I was fed up, tired, cold and had just had enough. I decided to call it a day. Race over!!..
So, I headed into the pits and put on my jeans and coat. I sat there on the ground, in a huff and opened a Soreen loaf that I'd brought with me. I wasn't even civilised enough to slice it. I just sat there, cavewoman like, tearing chunks off it and scoffing them. Yum yum yum.
Anyway, half a loaf later, I felt like Lance Armstrong!!. I took off my jeans and coat and went out for another couple of laps. And only went on to win the blooming race!!
I dare not tell my competitors about my newly found secret weapon!