Soreen Fruity Five Inspires…

Posted on: 17th March 2010

Guest blog by Kate Owen

Soreen has been a huge hit in our office recently, so much so that it inspired me to write this guest blog. I bought a loaf of Fruity Five the other day and have now discovered what the “five” stands for. It means it’ll be gone in five minutes!!

After my initial disappointment that my afternoon snack stash was being seriously depleted I decided to note down the things people were saying as they grabbed a slice. Here they are for your delectation…

“I really like Soreen. I like Soreen with too much butter,” Matthew, web and SEO manager. He does. Way too much butter!

“It’s really quite healthy isn’t it?!” Lucy, web content editor, comparing the nutritional content of the malt loaf to a bag of chocolate mini eggs.

“Yes well done Lucy, and you can get some of your five a day from it ;-)!” Retorted Claire, the PR and social media manager.

“Yum…malt loaf! Oooh this is different!” said Rebecca, promotions consultant, on realising she’d bitten into the next generation of malt loaf.

Whereas I accidentally munched my way through three slices – two for me, and one for the bump (I’m seven months pregnant) and I’m sure the kicking that ensued means baby likes it too.

The Fruity Five was so quickly devoured that it never made it further than the marketing department. A single fruity loaf is simply not built to feed the five thousand! But if the residual crumbs were anything to go by, I believe it was very much enjoyed and I’m sure I’ll be buying another very soon.

By Kate from Appliances Online. Appliances Online is an kitchen appliances company based in Bolton