Soreen Five Loaves

Posted on: 18th March 2014

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Make Mother’s Day with Soreen!

And celebrate ‘the Sunday of the Five Loaves’

We all know that Mother’s Day is fast approaching on 30th March, but did you know that Mothering Sunday was also once called ‘the Sunday of the Five Loaves’? This comes from the famous bible story of the miracle of the ‘Five loaves and fishes’.

We’re the first to admit that we didn’t know any of this at Soreen, but we do really like the sound of ‘the Sunday of the Five Loaves’.  And that’s probably because our range of products includes five different flavour fruit loaves too! They may be different, but they’re all delicious, and all ideal for serving on Mother’s day, from breakfast time to suppertime.

For a bit more information about what we can offer, here’s the lineup from Soreen –


Original Toastie Loaf.

The UK’s favourite malt loaf, made for Toasting, made to a secret recipe that only we know but everyone loves the taste of. It’s pre-sliced for toasting, making it super easy for kids to prepare and top with Mum’s favourite fruit or spread. A perfect breakfast accompanied with a squidge in bed.


Apple and Sultana Fruit Loaf

Bursting with juicy apples and succulent sultanas, topped off with a delicate hint of cinnamon. For a special treat, serve it as a Mother’s Day ‘Elevenses’.


Banana Lunchbox Loaf

Packed full of the yummy taste of banana, just one pack of these lunchbox loaves is enough to feed the whole family. They’re low in fat too and individually wrapped which makes them the perfect snack for a Mother’s Day picnic.


Cinnamon and Raisin Fruit Loaf

Full of juicy raisins and lightly flavoured with cinnamon, this loaf tastes great plain, buttered or toasted, so there’s at least three ways to enjoy it.


Fruity Five Fruit Loaf

The fifth loaf in our list is appropriately called Fruity Five, because it is packed with five  juicy fruits; sultanas, raisins, cherries, lemon and orange. Serve it to your mum with a cup of tea as an ideal afternoon treat.


If you’re looking for another way to treat Mum you could always make her some crème pots for Sunday dinner. They’re really easy to make, and the kids can do most of the leg work!

Here’s a recipe for how to make them – Soreen Baked Creme Pots.


However you decide to make Mum’s day, here’s wishing every Mum a very Squidgy Mother’s Day from everyone at Soreen.