Get Race-Day Ready with our top Handy Tips

Posted on: 15th April 2015

Race-Day isn’t just a test of your endurance – it’s a test of your nerve. From routine rituals the night before, to pacing yourself with the precision of a stopwatch, a lot more goes into a bike race than meets the spectator’s eye. But whether you’re a bashful first-timer or Bradley Wiggans, everyone can benefit from a few helpful tips…

Do the Math

Our bodies can only hold 400g of carbohydrate at any one time, but we can require much more than that during a grueling race. Soreen is a great way of refueling your body with vital slow-release carbs, as well as delivering a much-needed shot of morale.

Be Like the Turtle

Sometimes when faster competitors are speeding past, it’s tempting to forget what we know about personal endurance and run after them like an unruly greyhound. But it’s helpful to keep in mind that we all have our personal goals, and chasing them won’t slow them down; it’ll just sabotage your start. We’re not suggesting that a bit of competition isn’t healthy, just that the best person to compete with is often the old you.

Turn up the Tempo

More a runner’s trick than a cyclist’s, but jogging to a faster beat can often speed up your performance. Runners have long been known to run more efficiently when their stride is in sync to music, and it’s no different for cyclists. So if you’ve been cruising by listening to Jack Johnson, it may be time to reevaluate your BPM.


For some, reaching the finish line warrants a minute’s peace; for others, it means swift-footing it to the pub. However you choose to celebrate, remember that the race is still affecting your body, and smart prepping now can save you a lot of pain later. Stretch out, hydrate, and reach for a generous helping of Soreen. It’s not just a delicious way of replenishing your nutrients – it’s a wonderful taste of success.