Soreen and the Tour De France

Posted on: 2nd May 2012

During the Summer months of 2011, two members of our Soreen Team travelled to the French Alps to watch a couple of stages of 'the most enduring sporting event on the planet'; The Tour De France.

After flying over with two other friends, equipped only with 2 holdall bags between the four of them (one of which was more than half filled with Soreen, and the remaining space taken up by a 4-man tent and 4 sleeping bags) it was time for them to head for the hills. They took a hire car up into the Alps and made camp on the summit of the highest mountain to exist in the history of the in the race calendar; The Col Du Galibier. This mountain stands at 2645m above sea level and is notorious for its capability to change from glorious sunshine to blizzard in the wink of an eye. This would be home to them and the other thousands of cycling fans that chose to endure the same experiences for the next 3 nights.

The sun was going down, temperature was dropping and energy levels were soon running low between the four campers and it wasn't long until the bright yellow Soreen packs were out being used to refuel the bunch. Not only were the four campers eating out of their bright yellow Soreen packs, but they were also wearing their bright yellow Soreen cycle shirts and rain macs' for most of their stay (missing them was not easy). Because of the friendly nature of the sport, surrounding fans which had seen the four bright yellow figures digging into their Soreen packs were quick to approach them in an attempt to get their share of Squidgy Energy; as they could see the four had come equipped with an abundance of Soreen Malt Loaf. Within 20 minutes there were over a dozen spectators of different nationalities enjoying their Squidgy Malt Loaves.

On return to the Soreen HQ our two Soreen Team members had lots of exciting tales to tell, but out of all of them they were most excited by the amount of people that had seen the four in their Soreen Jerseys' and shouted such comments as; "Ooooohh Soreen, love that!!". The four Soreen Lovers are hoping to do the same again this year but this time; with an even bigger supply of Soreen!. Stay posted..