Sneak In Some Summer

Posted on: 11th July 2016


Is there anything crueller than being stuck in the office during high summer? If you’ve gotta work, work, work when it’s hot, hot, hot, follow our simple guide to sneaking some summer into your company.


#1 Pair your suit with sandals

Tight fitting collar? Check. Non-breathable suit? Check. Heavy-duty brogues? Never. Keep a pair of sandals under your desk, and don’t let anyone police your feet this summer.


#2 Schedule your evening jogs for lunchtime

Get a sweat on in the sunshine, take a much needed break from your desk, and free up those precious light evenings!


#3 Drink all soft beverages as though they’re cocktails

Sure, apple juice in a mason jar might raise a few eyebrows, but it’s worth investing in a few plastic umbrellas if they’ll help you feel closer to the beach.


#4 Make up for lost time as soon as you leave the office

Yes, it’s half-five. Yes, there’s only three more hours of sunshine, tops, but you should enjoy every minute of it, gosh darnit!


#5 Get creative with your ice cream toppings

If there’s one perk to working the summer, it’s that open windows should soon alert you to the arrival of the ice cream truck! Keep a stash of sprinkles, Soreen and whatever else you have handy to make sure your 99 is the envy of the office.