Santa no longer likes mince pies!

Posted on: 23rd December 2013

Santa mince pies image
It’s official says Soreen research
Poor old Santa! Millions of chimneys to climb down with a huge sack on his back and all the thanks he gets is a mince pie for himself and a carrot for Rudolph. It’s enough to take the ‘ho ho ho’ out of Christmas for anyone, let alone the big guy himself.
What makes things worse though, is that word has reached us here at Soreen that the big red jolly one no longer likes mince pies. It seems that years and years of being left the same old, same old, every Christmas Eve has stopped ringing his festive bell so to speak.
Only 14% of plates are cleared!
In fact, our research suggests that although 81% of people still leave a mince pie out as a treat for Santa, only 14% of plates are left clean and empty, suggesting a fair amount of pie wastage!!
So what’s the problem with the old mincers then? To be honest, we think it could be some earache from Mrs Claus, who doesn’t want her hubby’s world-famous waistline to expand any more than it already has. We all know that Santa is a little on the large side, but scoffing countless pastry-rich mince pies every Christmas Eve may just be tipping the scales too far. As it is, Santa’s a pretty tight fit for the average chimney.
Not enough energy for chimney scaling
The Soreen research also showed that only half of those spoken to, believe that mince pies offer enough energy for all that chimney climbing, so it’s clear that something needs to be to be done.
Our Assistant Brand Manager at Soreen, Lucy Ardern, had this to say about the matter: “Christmas is about tradition, but it seems that Santa’s hoping to find something a little bit different when he comes down the chimney. Up to 20 million households leaving out a mince pie may be a tad too many for anyone on one night, so we all need to think a little wider on the festive snack front to keep him happy and fulfilled on the night before Christmas.”
Some healthy alternatives
And as one of the country’s leading healthy snack foods companies who better than Soreen to come up with a few alternatives?
For instance, instead of a traditional mince pie you could leave him a couple of slices of our traditional Soreen Malt Loaf that we’ve been making for 75 years. We also make a Chocolate loaf and a Banana loaf too, which are both great fuel for going up and down chimneys.
Spread some festive joy with our Festive Loaf
Best of all though, is our brand new Soreen Festive Loaf, which tastes so ‘ding dong merrily on high’ it could have been made with Christmas Eve in mind. It still has that traditionally malty taste of Soreen, but is also packed full of squidgy energy and some extra yummy festive ingredients. Basically, it’s bursting with winter spices, raisins, currants, cherries, a hint of citrus and lots of seasonal joy. And better still, it’s even suitable for reindeers!
So maybe this year it’s time to try giving Santa a little rest from the mince pies with a slice or two of our healthier Festive Loaf. It could be just the taste of comfort and joy he’s looking for on Christmas Eve.
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