Right, Time To Go To The Velodrome And Smash A World Record…

Posted on: 10th September 2010

Everyone here at SoreenHQ has been fuelling themselves with deliciously squidgy Soreen and with so much energy flowing through our bodies we thought we would do something productive with it!

So, we then found a Guinness World Record that we fancied smashing and decided to earn some money for a GREAT cause (Manchester’s Christie Charity) in the process. Starting on 1st October at 5pm, Soreen Team Squidgy will be attempting to generate the most amount of electricity using static bikes. With the current record standing just below 13,000 kilowatt hours, we want to make the most out of our squidgy energy and do over 18,000 kilowatt hours!!

Currently, Soreen Team Squidgy is made up of our rather energised office but not even the energy boost that Soreen offers can keep us going at the required rate for 24 hours. That is why we are offering each and every one of you the opportunity to join Soreen Team Squidgy! Sign up now and join us at the Velodrome in Manchester to smash the record! We will provide the Soreen, you provide the energy!

There is a kid's area at the event so the kids can enjoy a bit of face-painting whilst the parents are making a name for themselves in the history books! We have some great prizes up for grabs including a family holiday for 4 for one lucky rider that takes part and even have some bikes to give away.

If you’re part of a cycling club then Soreen has an extra special prize available for the team that manages to produce the most energy. We will show our gratitude by way of Soreen team sponsorship for a year!

For more details on the event visit squidgyenergy.soreen.com.

Get Involved, Raise Some Cash and Help Smash That Record!!