Rainy day activities for toddlers

Posted on: 29th May 2014

When it’s pouring down, as it so often is, keeping toddlers amused all day long can be hard work. Watching children’s TV will only keep them happy for a while and they’ll soon be looking for fresh things to do.

Which is where Soreen can come to the rescue, with a few rainy day activities for toddlers that all add up to lots of fun for little kids…and hopefully yourself too.


Dressing up time

Kids love dressing up, and not just as a princess or a super hero, so put together a dressing up box from your old clothes, assorted hand me downs and charity shop bargains and they’ll have hours of fun. Scarves, hats and wigs are especially popular and if most of the stuff is way too big for them, they’ll enjoy it all the more. You can have a theme if you want to, like ‘most scary monster’ and maybe award prizes for the winner. As well as having fun, they’re also using their imaginations and wearing themselves out, so everyone’s happy.


Have a ‘Dance off’

Clear the floor, put some suitable ‘dance’ music on and have a competition to find the best dancer. This uses up bags of energy, which is great news at bedtime or turn it into a game of musical statues, which simply means everyone has to become a completely motionless ‘statue’ every time you turn the music off.

TIP: If you join in you can burn some calories at the same time.


Do some baking

This can get a little messy, but if you keep the recipes simple enough with some plain buns, gingerbread men, chocolate cornflake cakes or Soreen Chocolate Flapjacks things shouldn’t get too chaotic. Remember to hand out aprons first and where possible give each ‘assistant chef’ their own special task, like whisking or rolling out pastry. Wooden spoons and plastic spatulas at the ready, for obvious reasons!


Build a castle …a shop….or simply a tent.

All you need are some cushions, pillows, chairs, bed sheets, and any other household items that can be used to build a make believe structure of any description. To be honest as long as it has a ‘roof’ made from an old bedsheet that the kids can sit under then that will probably do the trick, as their imaginations will do the rest.

TIP: Plastic clothes pegs are a safe and simple way of securing sheets to furniture.


Phew! We are tired out just thinking of ideas! Enjoy… and Don’t forget the Soreen!