Perfect matches for your Soreen

Posted on: 11th February 2015

Kate & Wills! Brad & Angelina! Elton & David! We all love to see ideal couples perfectly paired, and at Soreen we’re no exception. So in the run up to Valentine’s day we thought we’d have a little fun by doing some matchmaking ourselves, teaming up a few of our lovely squidgy snacks with some very tasty but not always obvious partners.

Brekkie with a difference

Start the day with this perfect partnership and you won’t regret it. A bowl of plain yogurt drizzled with honey alongside two slices of our Original Toastie Loaf with your favourite topping. Yum time.


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Sweet and savoury together again

If you’ve never tried it, peanut butter is a delicious topping for our Malt Loaf, creating a sweet and savoury taste sensation that’s very more-ish.  Add a few slices of banana to make your snack even tastier.


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Say ‘cheese’

It’s said that opposites often attract, so although Soreen and cheese don’t sound like natural partners try ‘em together before you knock it.

Go for a sliver of Cheddar or Red Leicester on a slice of our Original Malt Loaf, or maybe some tangy, crumbly Lancashire. The mouth-watering combination of sweet and savoury works a treat, trust us.

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Choc meets choc

Some relationships thrive on extravagance, so introduce a slice of our Chocolate Loaf to a topping of chocolate spread for a match made in chocolate heaven. A little bit naughty, but extremely nice.



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A new one for your taste buds

You wouldn’t say no to a Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese bagel, so why not say yes to the same combo on top of a thick slice of buttered Original Malt Loaf. Depending on your taste buds you’ll either love it or hate it, but we think it’s deliciously different enough to be worth a try.

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Just desserts

Soreen Fruity Five Fruit Loaf and ice cream make a wonderful couple in any dessert dish.  Or try cream and strawberries with our Fruity Five!

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