On a day like this…A blog by Ally @branded_online

Posted on: 20th December 2010

When @SoreenHQ sent a request out inviting our fans to become 'Official' Soreen bloggers, we were amazed at the lengths that some people went to.

The task was simple - write us a Soreen inspired blog and if your entry makes it onto the Soreen website, you win an exclusive Soreen Goodie Box.

Congratulations to Ally @branded_online, who has officially been crowned as a die hard Soreen fanatic, for this great insight into a Day in the Life of Mr Soreen:

"It took me a half a dozen evenings, 190 photos, three blocks of Soreen, two cameras, two PCs and some odd looks from my partner (who quite gladly ate the Soreen after!) but here is my blog story for you...hope you enjoy it!"...Well Ally we certainly did enjoying reading this post!

If you'd like to feature on the Soreen blog and for your chance to win, please email feedback@soreen.com or get in touch with Kat via @SoreenHQ on Twitter (no experience necessary - only a lifelong love of Soreen!)

Day in the Life of Mr Soreen
Soreen Blog Photos

11am Paparazzi Attention

After leaving the photo shoot some Paparazzi were waiting outside after a tip off from the @SoreenHQ twitter gossip column, for a
sneak peak of the new look Mr Soreen after his Face lift this morning...but with some quick thinking of his bouncers, Orange and Blackcurrent, Mr Soreen was safe in his car after only one photo was snapped.


1pm Interview & Records

To help launch his new look, Mr Soreen sat down with Press for an in depth interview and get the word out about his Charity work for The Christie Charity after doing
the Guinness World Record breaking cycling event and discuss his new look face and body. He even had time to handout some of
the Record Breaking participants their certificates.


3pm Sibling Rivalry

Following from the Tweets, Facebook activity and Paparazzi this morning Mr Soreen's siblings became jealous. So they started to spread butter rumors and leak some incriminating photos online... the first was from his cousin Apple and Cinnamon
who 'Tweeted'; 'I can confirm I've seen him spread with Marmalade more than once'.

Soreen Blog Photos

Soreen Blog Photos

The next damaging leak was from his sister Banana Loaf. This was a kiss and tell story with a photo of Mr Soreen with his old 'flame' Pre-buttered Sliced Soreen in a nightclub only days before his 'Nip and Tuck' this morning.

Soreen Blog Photos

The final blow was from his big brother, Soreen Large Loaf. If the previous photos weren't enough, on Facebook a photo of Mr Soreen
in cahoots with Ms Peanut Butter, in the cupboard behind closed doors... Ms Go Bar Soreen, who Mr Soreen has been dating for several months,
declined to comment on this photo and that of him with Ms Buttered Soreen.


6pm Signing Merchandise

To claw back some good PR from the day, it was onto a fan signing in his local supermarket. Hundreds of fans lined up on the conveyor belt to get
their Soreen merchandise signed by the great Mr Soreen himself. New look water bottles and t-shirts were on sale before the event to make sure everyone
could admire his new look.