Mens Health Survival Of The Fittest Manchester

Posted on: 15th November 2012

On Saturday the 3rd of November the Etihad stadium staged the penultimate round of the Men's Health Survival Of The Fittest event. Thousands of people including local celebrities visited our home town of Manchester to test themselves to the limit by attempting to complete the 10 kilometre assault course.
The Soreen Team were happy to warm up the surviving competitors (which were now slightly dirtier and wet than when they started the course) with delicious Toastie Loaf and various other newly released products.
The Grand finale of the 'Mens Health Survival Of The Fittest' takes place in the centre of London this weekend at Battersea Power Station. The Soreen Team will be there again so don't forget to come and get your fresh Deliciously Squidgy Energy!.