How do you love your Soreen?

Posted on: 14th February 2016

With Valentine’s Day this month and Leap Year proposals on the horizon, Cupid’s little love arrows are flying thick and fast, so we thought we’d direct a few your way by popping the big question ‘How do you love your Soreen?’ We know that our adorably squidgy snacks inspire lasting devotion in all sorts of ways, so we’re inviting you to put your hearts into showing us how on our own new Instagram channel.

To give you a few ideas for love-match images you could think about the sweet and savoury marriage of Soreen and peanut butter for instance, the touching duo of ice cream with our Fruity Five Loaf or maybe the irresistible togetherness of our Chocolate Loaf with chocolate spread.


Warm banana Soreen topped with melting chocolate.

What’s not to love??!!




Malt loaf, peanut butter and a whole banana.

Simply made for each other.

insta 3



First love and best love! Original malt loaf and butter. #underrated




Breakfast bake in bed with innocent smoothie

A lovely way to start your day.




Toasted Soreen, topped with greek yoghurt, blueberries & almonds,

An exotic love match if ever there was.

insta 2



Malt loaf, chia butter and orange flavoured chocolate

Naughty, but very,very nice.




Love is…a simple smile to see you through the day.




Get the picture? Of course you do, so join in the fun by sending us your ‘How I Love my Soreen’ shots.  C’mon guys, get creative, get messy and most of all…get squidgy!!!

Upload your pics tagging Soreen (@soreenhq) and/or using #Soreen on Instagram