Look where the Loveable Loaf has travelled to!

Posted on: 3rd October 2014

Well, it’s safe to say that Soreen’s better travelled than Santa Claus. We’ve been running a #SoreenOnTour competition, and asking our malt-lovin’ fans to send us pics of loaves that have accompanied them on their travels around the globe. Well the photos are in, and we’ve been staggered by the responses. The Loveable Loaf has schmoozed in Sweden, broken bread in Budapest, and hobnobbed in Hungary. He’s met locals, climbed mountains, and even the odd animal or two.

Our hearts are bursting with pride to think of our Soreen, setting out into the big wide world on his own.  From Manchester to Morocco, England to Ecuador, #SoreenOnTour has proven that the Loveable Loaf is cosmopolitan to his core, and can hold his own amongst squidgy snacks worldwide. With £500 worth of Jet 2 vouchers for the best snap, it’s little surprise that Soreen’s had so many adventures, and we hear he’s made quite an impression in some unlikely places.  Rumour has it that Soreen is now lauded as a delicacy in far flung corners of the Amazon. We can’t say we’re surprised.