How to get your kids fit and ready for a summer of Sports.

Posted on: 10th July 2014

Everyone is in the sporting mood after Wimbledon and the World Cup. So if your family is getting into the spirit and you want to see your kids taking an active part, help them to get in shape with these tips and tactics from Soreen. They’re not guaranteed to have your kids coming first in every event, but at least if they’re competing with effort and energy you’ll have plenty to cheer about.


Don’t drive…walk.

Try and walk to school with the kids whenever you can, or even cycle there and back if it’s practical. Walking is a very simple exercise, but fortunately it’s a very effective one.


Ration their screen time

Whether they’re watching TV, playing computer games, or surfing the web, children generally spend too much time in front of one screen or another. Try and cut this down, by sending them out into the garden with a frisbee or taking them to the park for a game of football. Even though they might resent it at first, having fun in the fresh air is a great way to take their minds off computer games and websites. Don’t forget to pack the Soreen!


Think wider

If your kids are not into running, cycling, football and other traditional sports, widen the net a little and consider step aerobics, skate boarding, roller blading, tae-kwon-do, trampolining, indoor rock climbing and other non-mainstream activities. Check out local clubs and facilities to see what’s on offer.


Dance can be exercise too

Dancing is an excellent way to get kids moving and there are all types of styles out there for both boys and girls; from tap and ballet, to hip-hop and salsa. Or even just get in the kitchen, wack up the radio and have a good boogie.


Hit the local pool or take a trip to Waterworld

Swimming is great all round exercise that uses lots of muscles in lots of ways, so taking your kids to a local pool or sports club for a weekly dip is a great idea. Even if they can’t swim yet, splashing about in the water is still a good fitness builder.

Or why not go to Waterworld in Stoke, the UK’s number 1 AquaPark.


Be an active family

Why not join in with them whenever you can and do yourself some good at the same time. Whether it’s an all the family walk in the early evening, or a Mum and Dad v Kids game of basketball, getting fitter as a family can be lots of fun too.

Sports Days aside, encouraging your children to be more active can help prevent obesity and promote a happier and healthier lifestyle. Regular exercise can also improve their moods and even help them to do better at school, not mentioning the fact that burning off all that excess energy might give you a bit more peace and quiet too.

And remember when you or your children need a quick energy boost, take a break with a low fat, fruit-packed snack from Soreen. The kids especially like our Original and Banana flavour lunchbox loaves, whilst for Mum and Dad a few slices of our Original malt loaf with your favourite spread always go down great.