Introducing our NEW Squidgy Cake

Posted on: 27th February 2015

Now we’ve used our loaf to come up with the best cake ever!!

 It simply had to happen and now it has. After years of being famous for bringing you the UK’s favourite malt and fruit loaves, Soreen now bring you a sensationally Squidgy Cake in two fantastic flavours that everyone will want a piece of.

There’s Rich Chocolate Squidgy Cake packed with chocolate chips and Tasty Toffee Squidgy Cake bursting with gooey toffee pieces. They’re both sticky, chunky and completely squidgeilcious from top to bottom.

 “Slice me…tear me….chop me….share me….heat me… me….any way you want me”

Our Squidgy Cakes speak for themselves on their packaging and they invite you to get stuck in, in all sorts of delicious ways. Enjoy them as a mid-morning snack, a mid-afternoon break, or an anytime treat. They’re great with a cuppa, cool with a glass of milk and a wow at coffee mornings.

As well as being spectacular on its own, Squidgy Cake becomes

even more tempting with a few simple ingredients.

Squidgy blog

Add lashings of chocolate sauce, or smother in vanilla ice cream and anything that takes your fancy. Other quick dessert ideas for Squidgy Cake include a Hot Toffee Sundae, a Banoffee Pie or Grilled with Marshmallows. All are simply perfect puds that you can make in minutes and devour in seconds.

Now you can satisfy your sweet cravings with Soreen Squidgy Cake and indulge yourself in gooeyness whenever you feel like a treat

Why trawl the net for cake recipes when Squidgy Cake is at your fingertips?

Grab one now and find out what all the fuss is about. It’s a cake revolution and snack time will never be the same again!!

There’s going to be a huge demand for Soreen Squidgy Cake and it’s currently available in selected stores, so click here to find your nearest one!