How to Have a Happy Gal-entines Day

Posted on: 8th February 2017

We love Valentine’s Day, but it’s nice to celebrate love with your loved ones too. Galentine’s Day (13th Feb, FYI) is a great excuse to get together with your girlfriends (or guy mates) and celebrate love in all forms. So if you’re looking for some alternative February inspo this year, have a gander at the options below:


Create a Compliment Hat

Before you ask – no, it’s not something out of a therapist’s handbook. Sit in a circle with your mates, write three positive traits about the person to your left on separate slips of paper and chuck them into a hat (or bucket-like item). Take turns retrieving them, and guess a) who the compliment was intended for, and b) who might have written it. It’s a great way of finding out some nice things about yourself and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way.



Make the Most of Being Child-free

And if you hadn’t arranged a babysitter, now’s the time to book one. Valentine’s Day is THE perfect excuse to have too many glasses of bubbly, regardless of whether it’s two lovers popping the cork, or four best mates. So block out the evening, open that bottle of fizz you’ve been hanging onto, and accept there might be a hangover the next day.

Group of people cheering with champagne flutes with home interior in the background


Have a Sleepover

Who says that sleepovers are just for 14-year old girls? Talking late into the night, chatting in a relaxed environment and even sharing a bed with your closest friends is a great way to bond with people that you might normally chat to in a pub or over coffee. Of course, if you want to throw a proper slumber party, you might want to consider horror flicks, face masks, and the classic midnight feast.

Young women eating pizza together in their pyjamas


Binge on an Old Boxset

Remember spending your early twenties watching episode after episode of Sex and the City? That’s still a really fun thing to do. Order some pizzas, buy the boxset of your favourite show (or stream it online), and commit yourself to a good few hours of the ultimate guilty pleasure.

Multi ethnic group of student friends hanging out at home huddled on couch together excitedly watching football event on TV drinking beer eating snacks anticipating winning goal