How to Get some ‘Hygge’ Into Your Busy Life

Posted on: 14th December 2016


Okay, so the buzzword of the season (if not the whole year) seems to be hygge (pronounced hoo-geh); that deliciously Danish art of ‘cosiness’ that has travelled the North Sea and landed in books, blogs and magazines across our fair nation. In a nutshell, hygge evolved because of Denmark’s short days and freezing, black nights – rather than be cooped up and miserable, the Danes decided to embrace their unique climate, and consciously hibernate, making their homes as hygge (cosy) as possible.

But hygge isn’t something that we can easily translate, because it doesn’t just refer to how many candles you’ve crowded on the mantelpiece. Hygge is about gathering everyone you love in one room together because it makes you feel warm inside; it’s about eating hot food that nourishes you, and it’s about making the most of miserable weather. So even if your lifestyle is far too busy to facilitate lazy evenings on the sofa, here’s our guide to getting your hygge fix, wherever you are.

Beautiful image of family feet in woolen socks resting next to the burning fireplace


Hygge At Work

Most companies will say no to lighting candles at work (hello, fire hazard) but they might be fine with a subtle infuser. Smell is intrinsically linked to mood, so these cute White Company diffusers could be the difference between a good day and a bad. Another key aspect of hygge is keeping warm, so sneakily trading your heels for slippers (not recommended for keeping on during loo trips), and keeping a hot water bottle in your desk drawer is vital to beating the office chill. Cute hot water bottles and slippers do exist, and you can shop them here. Finally, even the most Draconian of offices tend to allow pictures of your loved ones, so make the most of it and invest in frames that will do justice to your favourite pictures – shop frames in all sizes at Ikea.


Hygge At the Gym

With all this talk of cosiness and snuggling up, it’s easy to think that hygge is a lazy man’s game, but exercise is very hygge – it’s all about creating heat and maximising self-love. Getting gym clothes that you feel beautiful and comfortable in is key (try Gymshark for reasonably priced activewear), and if you’re an outdoor athlete, a sports gilet  might be the best thing you invest in all season. Above all though, exercise is supposed to make you feel good, so make sure you either reward yourself or energise yourself with a Soreen Malt Loaf bar or Lunchbox Loaf.

Woman wearing running clothes performing leg stretch in garden

Hygge At Home

To some degree, hygge can be created wherever you are, be it at work, the gym, or even a hotel, but there’s one place where hygge really works its magic, and that’s at home. No matter how hectic your job, or how skewed the see-saw of your work-life balance has become, most of us get a few days off at Christmas, and this really is the time to rest, recuperate, and spend time with the friends and family we love. Creating hygge at home is so easy, you probably do it already. Think making mulled wine with your husband, snuggling up to watch Elf for the umpteenth time, or attempting (and failing) a gingerbread house recipe with the kids. Because ultimately, hygge isn’t really about expensive candles or cable knit jumpers. It’s about lounging around in warm interiors with loved ones while winter rages on outside. Oh, and eating a ton of Festive Loaf whilst you’re at it.

Young mother and her daughters by a fireplace on Christmas