Have a Scream at Halloween!

Posted on: 6th October 2014

Have a Scream at Halloween!

To help make your Halloween a roaring, howling, screaming success for all the family, we’ve put together a few spooky hints and creepy tips for party games and snacks.

Don’t forget to Scream

OK, we admit we’re putting ourselves first on the list, but with very good reason. You see we’ve got this frighteningly fantastic snack called Scream lunchbox loaves. As you can guess from their name they’re specially themed for Halloween, and each pack contains 5 individually wrapped loaves of deliciously squidgy Soreen. They come in wicked chocolate and spooktacular toffee apple flavours and they’re both perfect for all sorts of Halloween activities. Hand them out to trick or treaters, serve them to your own little monsters, or even use them as prizes in party games.

Eyes you can eat and spiders you can snack on

Here are two simple Halloween party foods, that look horrid but taste great: Make ‘edible eyeballs’ by taking 1 inch chunks of carrot and topping with a blob of cream cheese and half a seedless grape in the middle. Mix black and green grapes for extra ‘eye boggling’ effect. Also, create snackable spiders by making a sandwich of two crackers with peanut butter or cream cheese in the middle. Then insert eight pretzel or twiglet ‘legs’ into the filling on either side. Stick two raisin ‘eyes’ on top with a dab of peanut butter.

Horrible hands make great decorations

Make simple but horribly effective ‘monster hands’ by stuffing clear plastic disposable gloves with popcorn that’s been shaken in bright green food colouring. Then use them to decorate your party food table or just leave them lying around the house to startle visitors.

A party drink that looks the part

For the ideal Halloween party drink for kids, brew your very own spooky blood red punch complete with floating hands. Simply use cranberry juice for the ‘blood; and float ice hands in it, made from freezing water or lemonade in clear plastic gloves tied at the ends.

Fangtastic Halloween party ideas

Make spooky napkin rings for your Halloween party table by rolling up ordinary napkins and sliding a pair of plastic vampire fangs around each one.

You could also create some simple gingerbread skeletons by baking ordinary gingerbread men (and women), then piping on some ‘bones’ with white icing.

Well there you are, a handful of suitably scary suggestions from Soreen to make your Halloween an even bigger Scream than usual. Oops, there we go name-dropping our specially themed lunchbox loaves again. Mind you they are deliciously squidgy and absolutely perfect for this time of year, so you can’t really blame us.