Hack Your Way to Continued Healthiness

Posted on: 27th January 2017

As we close the curtains on January it can be easy to give up on your resolutions and declare failure. But whether you fell spectacularly off the wagon or have just started to let old habits creep in, it’s not too late to turn it around and have the healthiest year of your life. These five simple hacks will get you back on track:


Practice Small and Often

Habit is the most powerful tool you have when it comes to getting healthy. There’s no point in doing one 3-hour boot camp if you’re then going to be put off exercising for the next month. Your body won’t build a muscle, and you’re more likely to stretch a hamstring than you are to gain abs. However, whether it’s yoga, running or lifting weights, exercising for 30 minutes 4 times a week is a proven way to make daily improvements and maintain focus. Slow and steady wins the race. Our previous blog talks about useful health Apps to keep you on track, take a look here.

Sporty woman holding phone with empty screen sitting on the sunbed with jump rope, gloves and drink bottle on background

Make Healthy Eating Delicious

If you’re a Soreen fan, we’re probably preaching to the converted, but you don’t need to eat limp salads in order to change your diet for the better. As long as you get a good mix of protein, good fats and lean carbs, feel free to experiment with food until you find a plan that suits you. Soreen support Change4Life, so in conjunction with a balanced diet, it’s a great choice to snack on.

Small sandwiches on wooden rustic background, top view.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes the best way to stay focused on your goal is to go out and treat yourself. Whether it’s new gym gear or a fancy new FitBit, getting excited about a new purchase can get you excited about exercising again. Oh, and speaking of FitBits – we’re currently running a competition where you can win one! Enter here.



Lower your Expectations

Success is a much better motivator than failure, and you’re much more likely to keep going if you aim to lose, say, 1lb a week and do than if you intend to lose 4lb a week and don’t. Setting low, realistic goals means that you can have the buzz of a big win more often and stay focused for longer on your targets.

Dumbbells with fruits and open notebook on wooden desk. Healthy resolutions for the New Year 2017.

Track Everything

You know those individual sweets that are too small to possibly count? Well, it turns out that they do count, and what’s more, they can soon add up to sabotage your diet. The only way to evaluate whether your diet is truly working is to log everything that passes your lips. Besides, seeing your eating habits in black and white is a great way to help you pause before reaching for that sugar hit.