Get One Step Ahead of Your Christmas Shopping

Posted on: 21st November 2016

Christmas shopping got you feeling stressed? We can help. Stop, breathe, and hack your way to Xmas-list zen with our five ways to de-stress your shopping.

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Theme Their Stockings

Sometimes the prospect of finding 20 gifts to fill a stocking is more daunting than trying to decipher your kids’ letters to Santa! Picking a theme (let’s say, princess) is visually impressive, easy to manage, and means that your child will end up with loads of matching items (which children love). Anything goes here; just have princess in the back of your mind as you do your shopping, and those stockings will fill themselves.

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Be Ready for Black Friday

Forget waiting for the Boxing Day sales and hoping you can gift-exchange in the run-up to New Year. Black Friday falls on the 25th November this year, and with up to 20% off the ‘big pressies’, such as electronics and appliances, it could cut hundreds off your Christmas budget. Head here and here for deals on electronics, and here for homeware and clothing. For a full list of upcoming deals, head to this priceless (website)

Get Savvy About Social Media

We broadcast everything on social media, including our wish list. Want to know what your friend is really longing for? Check out their likes on Instagram, the brands they follow on Facebook, and the books included in their ‘to-read’ list on Goodreads. Just make sure you liaise with their significant other first – no-one wants two copies of Girl on the Train Christmas morning.



Okay. When was the last time you got a gift you didn’t completely love? Did you show your best false smile to appear pleasantly surprised by a present that you actually have no use for? We’ve all been there, so to avoid that being, head to one of the following online stores for reliably great pressies. is fab for personalised trinkets, has loads of handcrafted jewellery, society6 is perfect for art lovers, and if your friend is a fan of Soreen, you can find our eBay shop here.