Get Ready for Christmas

Posted on: 11th November 2014

That time of year is here! The Christmas markets are opening up and at Soreen HQ we’re already in the festive spirit. Check out our guide for getting ready for Christmas:


Forget excavating the old Christmas CDs, Spotify is here to save you both time and money. Simply create an account, choose from one of their many Christmas playlists and hit ‘play’. Perfect.


A lot of the food can be prepared days in advance, so there’s really no need to spend your precious Christmas morning slaving over a hot stove. After all, that time can be spent opening gifts!

Stuffing can be prepared weeks in advance and popped in the freezer ahead of the big day, whereas potatoes can be parboiled, put in the roasting tin to stop over in the fridge, oven-ready for when the turkey comes out to rest.

When the turkey has had its required time in the oven, leave it in a place where wandering fingers can’t get to it, wrapped in a few layers of tin foil and plenty of towels. This will keep the turkey warm for a good two hours and keeps the bird nice ‘n’ juicy. Perfect timing for getting those veggies ready.

And for a perfect festive treat? Our Limited Edition Festive Joy Loaf  toasted and covered with just a smidgen of brandy butter. It’s low in fat but high in Christmassy flavour – perfect for munching by the fire as you listen to your favourite carols.


Xmas wrapping

If you don’t want to duplicate the same gift-wrap as the extended family, try something a little different, get the kids involved and save the pennies aswell! Get yourself down to your local post office, where you’ll be able to pick up a sleigh-load of brown paper for as little as 60p. Once it’s home, get the kids to decorate it with homemade potato stamps and bright ink – the perfect homemade touch at a family-friendly price. 

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