Get crafty for Mother’s Day with Soreen

Posted on: 12th March 2015

It might be your day, but children love it to!  So for this Mother’s Day get together with your kids and help them create some of these great craft and gift ideas, specially selected by Soreen. They’re all fairly simple and inexpensive and they all come with the extra joy and satisfaction of being home made just for mum.

Wow up clothespegs with washi tape

If you’ve not come across it, washi tape is an adhesive tape available in lots of fantastic patters and vibrant colours. You can buy it online and it’s ideal for crafting tasks. For this idea, the kids simply stick it to some nice big plastic clothes pegs and transform them into something special. They look great and you can use them for all sorts of things, from sealing up food bags to displaying greetings cards.


A ‘hand made’ apron

Pick up a plain, white canvas apron from a craft store, along with some colourful fabric paints. Then put some paint carefully onto your children’s hands – or even feet – and let them make prints and pictures on the apron in any design they want to. They can also use the paint to write a special message too. As well as being perfect for Mother’s Day, this is a great keepsake of when they were small.

Daisy design Bookmark

This time it’s your children’s fingertips that come into play, to create a delightful bookmark. Simply cut out a bookmark size rectangle from some green card and cut little snips along each end to form a fringe. Then, get your kids to dip their middle fingers in yellow paint and make 3 prints along the card. Finally, around each yellow print, show them how to print a circle of white petals by dipping their little fingers in white paint. Simple, and very pretty.

Snap happy breakfast tray

Find an old or inexpensive plastic tray – the plainer the better – then stick some family photos onto the surface of the tray using a simple glue. The kids can pick their favourite shots and arrange them in whatever montage they like. Then, help them cut out the letters M U M from some coloured paper and glue them on top of the photos. Finish with a layer of acrylic varnish to protect the tray. Ideal for Mother’s Day breakfast time, with added Soreen toast and coffee of course.

Mothers day

Turn a coffee jar into a pretty vase

For this clever bit of recycling you’ll need an empty 200g coffee jar or similar glass container. Start by washing it out thoroughly and removing all labels. When it’s nice and dry help the kids to decorate it with stick on plastic jewels, stickers, glass paints and anything else you can think of. Glue some coloured ribbon around the neck of the container as a finishing touch. Easy peasy- a cute and colourful vase for your Mother’s Day flowers.

Well it’s over to you and the kids now for ‘here’s one I made earlier’ time. Have fun and above all have a Happy Mother’s Day, with love from Soreen.