Big ideas for bored little ones

Posted on: 26th August 2015

Whether it’s the end of school holidays or just filling those long evenings,

it’s not always practical or affordable to take young children to the seaside or zoo. Soreen have come up with a few home and garden-based activities to keep them happy and out from under your feet.

Throw a Kids Garden Tea Party

A combination of afternoon tea, picnic and party, all rolled into one. Serve cup cakes, mini-sandwiches, fresh fruit and home made lemonade, on paper plates and as many brightly coloured plastic bowls as you can lay your hands on.

Do some gardening

Ideally, rope off an area of your garden the kids can have to themselves, or let them create their own flower pots with seeds, potting mix and your old plant pots. Get brightly coloured gardening gloves, watering cans and garden tools can make things even more fun.


Host a fashion show

Kids don’t really need an excuse to dress up, but here’s a good one anyway. Make your own ‘catwalk’ or ‘stage’ in the garden with whatever’s lying around in the garage or shed, then hand over three or four bin liners full of dressing up props and let their inner fashionista flow.

Paint bird houses

Pick up some plain wooden bird houses and hand out the acrylic paints. Get the kids to decorate them with their own brightly coloured, bird-related designs, and when they’re done, add some birdseed. Place in the garden and wait for visitors.

Keep a Summer Journal

On wet days, encourage your children to record all of their summer memories with stories and poems, illustrated by pressed flowers, bird feathers and their own drawings. Think of it as a cross between a scrapbook and a diary.

Make a ‘play’ environment

To be honest, this could be a play house, play shop, play castle, play spaceship, or anything else the kids can ‘build’ using old sheets, big cardboard boxes, plastic clothes dryers and other ‘construction’ material you can dig out for them. In the house or in the garden, a great one for adapting to the weather.

So there you go. With a little effort our ideas could provide hours of healthy, creative outdoor fun. And because your children will need plenty of ‘fuel’ to keep them going, don’t forget to hand out some deliciously squidgy energy in the shape of a few fruit-packed slices of Soreen Original malt loaf or our handy Original and Banana flavour lunchbox loaves. They also make great plate fillers for the tea party!