Fuelling The Wight Challenge with Squidgy Energy

Posted on: 18th June 2012

The Wight Challenge based at the MOD/TA Army camp; 'Jersey Camp' has two annual stagings, May and September, and has been held at this location since 2006. This years May Challenge saw 31 different teams enter, raising a  minimum of £9,100 which would be donated to charity.

The event started at 8.30am with teams of 3 leaving on their 19mile cycle (8 miles on road and 11 miles off road) at 30 second intervals. After this was the 500m walk to the Newtown River where competitors had to complete a 2 mile canoe section up and back down the river in a 17ft Canadian Canoe.
Once the racers arrived safe and dry back on land they then had to complete an 8mile run which was spread over mixed terrain including; road, forest, farm track, field, cliff, beach and finally a muddy field. Once everyone had completed the course they could enjoy Teas, Coffee and a sports massage back at Jersey Camp. Soreen were more than happy to have provided Squidgy Energy for the racers on the day and would like to say well done to all who took part!.