Make some healthier food swaps for 2015

Posted on: 15th January 2015

January is a good time for thinking about making changes. The kind of changes that can make life better in 2015 for yourself and your family.

And that’s where we at Soreen can pitch in with a few helpful suggestions about healthier food swaps. In other words, replacing snacks, meals and drinks that aren’t very good for our bodies with ones that are definitely a step in the right direction. Warning… Ideas may contain Soreen.

Reduce the fat – a swap worth making

Next time you’re about to say ‘cheese’, say ‘reduced fat cheese’ instead. By swapping from a block of full-fat cheese to a reduced-fat version your family could avoid nearly a third of a pint of fat. So whether you’re slicing it, crumbling it or grating it, be sure to reduce it.

Lose the salt

Instead of making salt your condiment of choice, swap it for a sprinkle of herbs and spices and add flavour in a healthier way. Coriander, ginger or curry powder are great for spicing things up, and all are better for you than a pinch of salt.

Wake up to food swaps

Kick off the day with a food swap, by exchanging your sugary cereal for an alternative that will keep you full for hours!  Why not boost your breakfast by popping a few slices of our Original Toastie Loaf into your toaster, then top with your favourite spread. At Soreen HQ we love to add sliced banana. Yummy!

Ins and outs for lunchboxes

Children’s lunchboxes can be a key area for improvement, so start by swapping the stodgy and the starchy for the ‘squidgy’. Out go the cakes, chocolate, biscuits and crisps and in go Soreen Lunchbox Loaves in Original or Banana flavour. They’re less than 95 calories and less than 0.3g saturated fat and they also meet the Government’s Nutritional Standards for Schools, which makes them a reassuringly healthier alternative all round. Plus, kids love ‘em, so you’re not making a swap that’s going to be unpopular.

Make a drinks switch too

Swap sugary drinks like pops, colas and cordials, for diet or sugar free versions, or better still, water or low fat milk. You can save your family from consuming bags of sugar with this one simple step.

Healthier snack options

What works for kids’ lunchboxes can work for adults’ packed lunches too, so think about healthier and squidgier snack options in the shape of Soreen Mini Loaves or Pre-Buttered Snack Packs. Our Orange Fruit Loaf is also ideal for handing out around the office and sharing with colleagues. Brightens up the day too.

There are plenty more healthier exchanges you can make when you simply look a little closer at your diet and food habits and think ‘hang on a minute, I’ll try this for a change.’ Be on the lookout for food swaps all through 2015 and make it a healthier year for all the family.