How to stay energised!

Posted on: 4th August 2015

Whether the hotter days of Summer are taking it out of you, or you’re simply a busy, busy Mum who’s rushed off her feet, there are times when we could all do with an energy boost to get us through the day. So to help you feel more energised, we thought we’d put some effort into finding out a few ways to pep you up and pick you up.

Seeing Red

No, it’s not just a saying! Apparently looking at bright red things makes your muscles move harder and work harder, causing a burst of energy. And the redder the better. So dig out that eye-catching, crimson dress you haven’t worn for years and look at it long and hard.

 Have a good laugh

Laughing heartily can make you feel good, literally. It raises your blood pressure and boosts your heart rate, which will certainly give you a lift if you’re feeling lethargic. It’s a good excuse to re-visit some of your all-time favourite comedy DVD’s and a spot of Netflix!

Don’t skip your breakfast

Studies show that people who eat breakfast feel in a better mood and have more energy throughout the day. All you have to do is pop a few slices of Soreen Toastie Loaf into your toaster, then top with your favourite spread. We recommend peanut butter! A burst of squidgy energy that’s sure to keep you going…and going.

Go for a brisk power walk

You don’t need to head for the hills, just go for a reasonably paced 10 or 15 minute walk and breathe slowly and deeply in and out whilst you’re walking. That’s all it takes to make you feel more revved up for at least a couple of hours.

Or have a nice power nap

If you don’t fancy the walk, perhaps the snooze is more appealing. Set the alarm and take a refreshing and restorative 60 minute power nap, because resting the mind and body for a short time can have a great energising effect.

Yawn yourself awake

Maybe don’t do it if you’ve got friends round, but yawning a lot can actually be beneficial to boosting alertness. Apparently, it’s the body’s way of cooling down the brain and waking it up. Even though it looks like you’re doing just the opposite.


Stand up tall – and stretch

This is a very simple yet extremely effective exercise. Stand in an open doorway, facing forward with your feet a few inches apart. Then put one hand on either side of the frame and push your chest gently forward until you feel a stretch in your torso and back, then hold for 30 seconds. Do it for two or three times, then try the same exercise by reaching upwards and placing your hands about 12 inches apart on the top frame. (Before you do these exercises it’s a good idea to jam a doorstop under the door so you don’t hurt your fingers.)

Try the odd power snack

OK, we’ve had the power walk and the power nap, well now it’s the turn of the power snack. A sweetish treat that combines carbs, protein and a little fat and fibre and will act as an instant energy boost. And at this point we’ve just one word to say on the subject….Soreen. Whether it’s a slice or two of our original Malt Loaf or a couple of our fruit-packed Lunchbox Loaves, energising pick-me-ups don’t come any more delicious that our uniquely squidgy snacks.