Ideas for Easter Fun from Soreen

Posted on: 12th March 2015

Yay! The days are getting longer, the weather’s getting warmer and Easter will soon be with us. It’s the first big holiday of the year, so leave those winter blues behind and make the most of it.

To help you and your family enjoy the best Easter ever, Soreen have lined up some brilliant themed activities for kids. Everything from cute crafts to great games.

Hair-raising Egg Heads

Easter and eggs go together like Soreen and snack time. Start by carefully cracking some raw eggs across the top (like you would with a breakfast boiled egg), then pour out the contents into a bowl. Next, get the kids to draw silly faces on their eggshells with felt tip pens and sit each egg on top of half an empty toilet roll tube. Carefully put a piece of damp cotton wool into the bottom of each egg shell and sprinkle some cress seeds on it. Leave the egg heads in a sunny place and water every day. Before long, ‘hair’ should start to grow.


Out and about with hard boiled eggs

All you need is a garden and some hard-boiled eggs. And of course a group of kids looking for fun. First, set up a relay race, where the kids have to balance an egg on a spoon whilst manouevring around tricky obstacles.

Then you could try ‘pass the egg’, by placing a hard-boiled egg under one child’s chin and getting the kids to pass it from chin to chin without touching or dropping it!

A colourful Easter Egg Hunt

An outdoors egg hunt with a difference. Give the kids an empty egg carton and tell them to to fill it with the six different coloured eggs you’ve previously painted and painstakingly hidden around the garden. Give them clues or leave them to it, depending on how long you want to yourselves. And to add the yum factor to all our egg games, don’t forget to hand out some Soreen squidgy lunchbox loaves as prizes.

Make Easter Crowns instead of Easter Bonnets

Cut a 10-15cm strip (long enough to fit a child’s head) across the width of an empty cereal box. Cut a zig zag crown design into it then get your child to paint the grey side in bright Easter colours. When the paint is dry, stick the edges together with glue to make your crown, then ‘Easterise’ it with egg shapes, feathers, foam chicks and bunnies.

Cute little Easter Chicks

Pick up some ready made yellow pom poms in two different sizes from the craft shop. Glue a smaller pop pom on top of a bigger one to get your chick shape, then stick on a tiny triangle of orange card for the beak and add two small circles of felt for the eyes.

Yummy Easter Bingo

All you need for this indoor game is some traditional bingo cards with numbered spaces. Then, instead of counters or dabber pens, hand out plenty of sweet or chocolate mini-eggs to cover up the numbers being called out. And when the game’s over, everyone eats whatever eggs are on their card.

Well that’s it from Soreen. We hope you enjoy our activities and craft ideas for Easter and that you have a cracking time all round, with or without eggs!