Squidge More Into Your Day

Posted on: 10th September 2016

Does life sometimes feel like a revolving door of the same old dramas? Whether you’re a slave to the daily grind, or an expert in work-life balance, we could all do with breaking routine from time to time and squidging some more ‘me-time’ into our lives. We’ve put together a few tips which will give you some relief from the hustle.

Curate your commute

We know, it’s advice you probably hear on a near-daily basis, but if your commute is 30 minutes or more, how you spend it can really set the tone for your day. If you use public transport,  rather than staring out of the window and thinking about how much you’re dreading the day ahead, try reaching for a colouring book, or using the time to meditate. There are even colouring apps on your phone that can give you some pocket-sized stress-relief if you’re really stuck for space. If you’re a driver, this is a great chance to get some quality time in with your audio book and learn something new!

Put down the remote 

It sounds counteractive, but if we’re spending every evening in a TV-induced stupor, we’re probably sacrificing our own lives to follow those of our favourite characters. We’re not saying that binge-watching your favourite series should be put completely on hold, but stepping outside and away from routine gives us the chance to meet new people, catch up with existing friends, and have some real-life fun. You never know, something incredible could come from it.

Make the most of your lunch break

When you’re sat at the same desk for eight hours a day, it’s easy to feel bored, demotivated, or just plain frazzled. Come lunchtime, do some stretches or just nip outside for a blast of fresh air. Studies show that the giving yourself a “brain break” will help your productivity for the afternoon!

Snack on some Soreen

And no, we don’t mean just because of its squidgy texture. Soreen is a good source of fiber and full of slow release carbs that help keep your energy levels up and your mood positive, so that you can have more zest to devote to enjoying your life. The fact that it’s so delicious? That’s just a bonus.