Cycling, Soreen and The Eiffel Tower.

Posted on: 4th May 2012

Stephanie got in touch with us this week to tell us that over the Easter Weekend she and six friends cycled the 420km trip from Oxford to Paris.
As all six are already 'Hooked' on Soreen Malt Loaf due to being avid rowers, they took as much Soreen along as possible for the ride and before boarding the ferry to France stocked up one last time to ensure they had good energy supplies whilst cycling through France.
 Stephanie tells us that they started running low during the second day but were sure to save a loaf to eat at the Eiffel Tower!.
  They already have plans to travel to Turkey on their cycling next trip and with that shall be taking an even larger supply of Malt Loaf so that they don't run out. 
We look forward to hearing about your expedition, Thanks Stephanie!