Craft your way to Calm Kids this Christmas

Posted on: 10th December 2016

Yes, it’s precious time to spend with your darling children, but when they’re only two days broken up from school and they’ve already watched every DVD in the house, the Christmas holidays can start to feel really, really long. Here’s a cheat’s guide to banishing boredom with glitter and scissors:

Little boy with water pistols covered in paint

Paint the (snow) Red
Snow Days come with their own built-in entertainment, but after two hours of trying to force sludge to resemble something out of The Snowman, even children can get bored. Load up some spray bottles with water and food dye, tell your kids to aim them at the snow, and watch as they turn your lawn a vibrant hue. What’s great about this activity is that it feels naughty, but it actually isn’t – the dye will disappear when the snow melts.

Make Really Modern Art
It turns out that masking tape maketh a masterpiece! Next time your kids are in a bored spot, get out some paper (or better, buy a canvas), stick some masking tape to it, hand them the paints and instruct them to go wild. Once you remove the masking tape, a la the picture below, you’ll be left with a work of art that you might even be able to display!

Autumn colorful leaves cut from paper, pencil, scissors, colored paper sheets on a wooden background. Teaching scissor cutting. Early learning in kindergarten and at home. Kids art

Christmas Mood Board
When you say words like ‘collage’, you give the illusion of being artistic, but really you just mean ‘grab a few sheets of paper and stick random things to it’. There’s not an awful lot of point to these, but telling your kids to collect everything ‘Christmassy’ (glitter, colours, textures or even leaves) and stick those items onto a blank sheet can keep them occupied for an afternoon, leaving you free to crack open the mulled wine and a Festive Loaf.

Bright christmas cake pops in green vintage enamel cups with green branches and baubles around on wooden background

Create some Cake Pops
Cake pops are huge right now – think round balls of batter moulded around a stick and decorated with sprinkles, but there’s an easier (and dare we say – tastier) way to get in on this new trend. Squidgy Cake Bites are already perfectly shaped to fit on top of a lollipop stick – you just need to add the extra bits. Making Soreen squidgy Cake Pops couldn’t be easier – just melt a bowl of your favourite chocolate, dip it in, and add sprinkles!